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Race Attributes


Active when you have certain number pieces of this race on board, each level of the same synergy effect stacks
2:All allied Human 's attack has 20% chance to silence the enemy for 4s
4:All allied Human 's attack has 25% chance to silence the enemy for 4s
6:All allied Human 's attack has 30% chance to silence the enemy for 4s

Race Background

The Human race has been surviving to thrive for over a thousand years on the mainland, they are in the stage of the development from primitive tribes towards a more prosperous civilization right now. In order to survive, people not only improve their physical combat capabilities, but also try to study magic to counter the harsh living environment. There are a group of people who are called mages, which can master the power of magic and elements.

Human hold fear to the Deity, and they do daily prays to communicate with the gods. In the human society, a group of people who believe in the god of justice established the "Church of light". They teach people to act good, and they always lend their helping hand at the first time when people suffer from diseases and disasters. They comfort the injured and wield the sacred power of the Light fighting evil! By praying for the blessing of the divine light, the church is the spiritual comfort of mankind when the race is lost or low, and it is also the source of human beings to strive with the brave heart.


After the catastrophe, the surviving Human civilization returned to a state of origin. They cannot fight well without the support of magic, but the people who remains control to magic were very scarce, so it was difficult for the Human to compete with other races. Until the archbishop of the church, "Ostro", accepted the epiphany of the holy light, he discovered that some specific blood in Human race can bond deeper with the holy light, stimulating the power of healing and faith. Then Ostro began to search and train this certain group of people with special abilities within their blood and found the Knighthood of Church. Those who join the Knighthood will become more brave, intelligent, sensitive, and deadly when they establish connection between the light and their own blood. According to these differences of personal characters, the Knighthood found four subsidiary group with different division of work.

Rank: The strengthening of blood power comes from constantly practicing and self-challenging, along with the strengthen of spiritual attributes. According to the power of the blood, the Knighthood established a hierarchy forming up by masters, knights, apprentices, and beginners. Each subsidiary group has only one master and dozens of knights.

Justice and Guardian: In the chaotic era, to maintain the survival and future of the Human race, the Knighthood shall not be a tool for interracial invasion, neither will they fold their arms facing intruders!

Nautical Era

Human beings are full of desires for exploration and conquest. They have been exploring this continent from the very beginning, especially after the navigation technology reached to a certain level, and began to explore the sea and area unknown. The advent of the nautical era has brought new opportunities for human development as well as new threats!

Human Architecture

Kingdom Castle, Wooden houses, Workshops, Blacksmith Shops, Shipyards, Archives, Altar, Cavalry Battalion, Infantry battalion, Mage training camp, Knight camp, and Animal husbandry camp.

Human kingdom

Streaming City: a place where people live.

Pumice: The location of the Magical Palace "The Source Association".

Human Diplomacy

Human has a close social relationship with the Dwarfs and the Light-Feathered. Every once in a while, humans send messengers to the Dwarf Kingdom or the Light-Feathered community to communicate. Meanwhile these three races often trade to each other, but there have been wars between the Dwarf and Light-Feathered. And the Human and the Dwarf have jointly resisted the attack of the Marine People .