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  • Introduction of Auto Chess
  • Download& Install
  • Quick Walkthrough
  • What is Auto Chess?

    "Auto Chess" is an multiplayer online war chess exchange and collection game created by Drodo, released and technical support provided by Dragonest Co.Ltd. By collecting/changing Hero cards, and arranging different formations, 8 chess gamers will be contending for the first prize in the following tens of minutes. The World e-Sports Game is created by lmbaTV. Millions of players are challenging each other every day. The world's top e-sports league is waiting for you! 

  • Brand new strategy card game

    Chess players will create own formation,using heroes randomly draw from the shared card pool. Rank up, combination, and card position, the player's strategic space is raised to the up limit. Who can adapt to the battlefield environment, form an ultimate "Chess Troop" and survive to the end?

  • Flaming Tournament

    Be the purest fair play game! Chess palyers buy combat resources by acquiring the gold of each round. Accumulation of wealth or a long shot gamble? Victory and defeat are all in one split second. The World e-Sports Games are created by Dragonest Co.Ltd., Drodo, and lmbaTV. Million Prize Pool awaiting!

  • Global Server

    Athletics has no boundaries! No matter where you are from, you will compete with players from all over the world in "Auto Chess" . Share the fun of this battle between the war-torn chessboards.